Monday, 25 February 2008

Your dream holiday

What do you dream of doing on holiday?

Do you dream of skiing down the piste? Enjoy aprés ski refreshments, drinking hot chocolate whilst admiring the snowy alps?
Do you dream of those snowy white slopes and salopettes?

Do you dream of swimming in the clearest bluest water watching tiny fish dark beneath you, getting close to coral reefs and seeing the most amazing coloured corals in action? Do you long to lay on pure white sand stretched out in the scalding sun with the tiny waves lapping over your feet?

Do you long to walk in the dales, up tiny lanes, across stiles and along hilly ridges, taking in breathtakinly beautiful levels of greenery seeing England's glorious countryside up close? Do you fancy watching squirrels playing chasing round trees and into cornfields of the goldest waving acres of corn tingued at the edges with poppies and blue cornflowers.

Do you wish to sit on the beach at St Ives, eating a perfect icecream and then swimming in the warm shallow sea off the cornish coast and taking a sailing boat around the coves to take in the seabirds nesting in the tall cliffs, swooping into the sea to pick out the fish to feed their brood.

Whatever your favourite dream holiday is I hope you enjoy it soon.

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