Sunday, 24 February 2008

Pack light to save money

More and more airlines are cutting back on the weight of luggage you're allowed to check in. They're doing this to try and save fuel as the more weight they carry the more fuel they use during the flight.

So how do you pack light?
You need to find the right size piece of luggage to start with and then make sure it's a light weight case. If your bag is really heavy to start with then you're already at a disadvantage.

We'll have a look at checked luggage from one of the best known air travel companies, British Airways -

Free checked allowance for UK domestic flights
for Adults and children aged 2 years and over permitted one bag
Maximum dimensions per bag (H+W+L): 158cm (62in)
Maximum weight per bag: 23kg (51lbs)*

Other overseas flights allow more bags depending on your ticket. Always check!

So you can see you're allowed at least one bag weighing 23kg. This is actually a really generous amount so you shouldn't have problems keeping under this allowance.

British Airways has introduced a limit of 23kg (51lbs) for any single checked bag as part of your free baggage allowance in line with health and safety rules. Someone has to physically manhandle your bag onto the aircraft to make sure it's safely stowed.

Anything weighing more than 45kg (99lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage and will need to be transported as unaccompanied baggage - you'll have to organise a carrier for it.

Our hints on packing light:
Shoes can weigh a lot - so limit the number of pairs you take, or avoid taking great clumpy boots or shoes - wear them instead!
Don't pack heavy food items - buy food when you're there or ask about welcome packs as many hotels and holiday parks offer these to save your luggage space.
Wear the heavy coat you're taking rather than stuff it in a case. Leather jackets can weigh loads too so consider not taking it!
Taking towels? Can you hire linen at your destination?

Once you've packed then weigh your case on the bathroom scales. You'll know if you're under then. If it's under you can always bring a few gifts back from your holiday with you!

Pack light by using a co-ordinated wardrobe plan. Mix and match means you need to take less clothes too.

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