Monday, 25 February 2008

Pre holiday planning

Remove the stress of going away.
Keep your house safe when you go away. Organise with a good friend to have your house looked after.
Have curtains drawn and lights put on. Use automatic timers to turn lights on on their own. Cancel the papers for the time you're away. Have the post put somewhere safe.
Lock away small valuables.

Pack in advance. Remember to make a list of all the things you want to take. Keep this list and reuse it each holiday.

Have a list of medicines you want to take, the ones you have to take and extras like paracetmol, plasters and antiseptic. A small travel first aid kit can be invaluble.

Order in advance your European Health Insurance card, or EHIC - and take it.

Make sure your travel insurance is up to date.

Well in advance check if you need tablets or jabs for your destination.

Check the weather forecast for when you're going. Will you need a jumper and coat or just a light jacket?

Book pets into kennels or cattery well in advance.

Buy a guidebook before you go, or borrow it from the library.

Make a final check list. Tickets, passports, cases, medicines.

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