Saturday, 5 April 2008

Planning a day out

What do you need to do to plan a great day out?

The more you plan the better.

  1. Work out how you're getting there.
  2. Check the car is working, get petrol the day before
  3. Make a list of everything you want to take
  4. Tick things off as you pack them
  5. Take paracetamol in case you get a headache in the sun!
  6. Pack hats, sunscreen, rain jackets just in case
  7. Plan your route
  8. Buy train tickets in advance to save money
  9. Pack drinks and snacks for the journey
  10. Take lunch if you're not sure where food will be available (saves money too)
  11. Take beach blankets to sit on.
  12. Take a camera
  13. Avoid sitting on the beach on the ice cream route
  14. Take extra bottle of water and leave it in the boot of the car. You might need it when you come off the beach
  15. Take dry socks. Someone's bound to get their feet wet!
  16. Print a map out off google to check directions. Cheaper than having to buy an A-Z.
  17. If you're very organised you can take a barbq to have on the beach. Chill pack sausages for the journey so they stay cold.
  18. Take a flask of tea!
  19. Unpack completely when you get home. Don't let wet clothes stay in bags!
  20. Tell us where you went and what you did!

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