Friday, 2 May 2008

Taking a city tour

A wonderful way of seeing a city is to take a guided tour. There are many types available such as walking tours, bus tours, even boat tours. You can walks with a guide, or a guidebook. Some walking tours are available with mp3 of the tour to download on to your own player.

I've toured London, Blackpool and Manchester by bus and think this is one of the best ways of getting to see the sights.

You buy one ticket and this is valid for 24 hours which means you can hop on and off the tour bus during this time to see lots of sights. Or you can just stay on the bus and go round a couple of times! Or visit a couple of places on the route, picking up the next bus as it comes round.

The tours give you interesting information about the city and point out old buildings and the unusual features they have, as well as taking you past scenic areas to take in the view, stopping at tourist attractions to give you a great change to go in.
It's an easy way of getting about the city without having to worry about what bus you need to get - tour buses are all very distinctive and you'll spot them a mile off - which means you'll always be on the right bus!

Take a city tour - it's not expensive and gives you a great ride round the place you're visiting - or even your own home town.

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